Best RUST case opening websites in 2023

    The Rust skin is an in-game virtual cosmetic asset that players purchase and then use to decorate their weapons and items. When you play Rust, you select items such as weapons, etc. Once purchased, these items will automatically become pale in color. However, many players find their appearance rather boring. Therefore, to solve this problem, the rust sites created a skin market for rust. These sites allow artists to submit a special selection of skins from time to time. Players can then buy skins on the site. Another option is to buy skins from third party sites like Steam. In addition, players can exchange skins with other players or buy them on sites for real money. Basically, the skin enhances the appearance of rusty items and weapons.

    Opening skins through case opening rust websites is a great idea for those who can’t spend a lot of time playing the game waiting for a miracle. This is a great option for everyone, as opening a Rust crate will bring in an average of 40-50% of the cost of opening a crate. This means that the expected result will be between forty and fifty dollars if you spend one hundred dollars on boxes and keys. However, the most important thing here is to correctly determine who can be entrusted with this task.

    1. Best Rust case opening websites in 2023 

    Rust case opening sites are quite popular resources, for the most part they are legal. However, before starting a game (collaboration) with any of them, you should make sure of its reliability. You can do this by reading reviews on various resources, reading the privacy policy, etc. You don’t want to waste your money and put your accounts at risk, do you? After all, you will have to enter different data to open the case. We decided to make the task easier and compiled for you a list of sites that you can trust to open cases. 

    1. Bloodycase

     BloodyCase An excellent resource that is popular today in the world of gamers. In addition to a user-friendly design, a quick registration process and a variety of payments, the site also boasts a good loyalty system. Also the rust case opening site promises players a welcome bonus:

    +$0.7 on Balance

    + 38% on First Deposit

    + 5 Free Cases

    Use Our Bloodycase Promo Codes for the first deposit

      1. RustClash 

    This is the first rust case opening website to reveal Rust skins. It has a good design, boasts a large selection of games, has a convenient chat, and offers users a SignUp bonus. Using the promo code SKINLORDS, you can get a nice bonus for registration in the form of 3 cases. 

    1. GGRust 

    This rust case site boasts a sign-up bonus (available with the promo code SKINLORDS), as well as a deposit bonus of + 11% of the amount (you need to enter the promo code SKINLORDS to receive it). 

    1. RustyLoot 

    The rust case opening website is popular among the players. It has a huge selection of games. But unfortunately, there are usually few players on the network, so it is not often that you see a jackpot or player versus player game modes. When registering, players are given a welcome bonus, which is very nice. RustyLoot has a generous rakeback reward system with an increased percentage of rakeback earned for leveling up on the spot.

    1. Gamerall 

    Gamerall business was launched in 2015 as an alternative to the Steam marketplace and an escalation point of many years of trading in this marketplace. It has a fairly high level of trust among players, it operates on legal grounds, and therefore, entering your personal data on it, you don’t have to worry that they will be used by fraudsters, etc.

    1. Where do I buy rust Skins

    RUST, like many survival games, allows players to receive free items and in-game skins to keep them playing and enjoying the game. In fact, many survival games on Steam use the Steam Item Grant System. However, the problem is that this system does not give away free RUST skins as often as players would like. In order to get the desired skins, RUST players must spend many hours  in the game. And here it is also worth noting that there are no promises about the absence of duplicates. In order to collect really cool settings for your favorite game, this is not the most effective method.

    For those who want to level up their characters or picture faster, there are other more pleasant and faster options for how to do this. These are trusted third-party marketplaces (as well as the official Steam site) that allow you to buy RUST skins directly, no matter how long you play the game. Not only do you not have to wait long, but you can also choose the skins you need from extensive skin libraries (this is possible thanks to convenient filters on sites). These sites also make it easy to filter your existing collection of RUST skins to see what you have, what you’re missing, and more.

    Here are the best places to buy RUST skins:

    Look here best of the best rust skins 

    • Tradeit.GG
    • Steam Community Market
    • CS.Deals

    How do you get cases in Rust.

    You can get skins in the following ways:

    • One of the most common and the easiest ways to get more skins for your cosmetics collection is to use the built-in item shop in the game. To do this, you must use the following algorithm of actions:
    • From the main menu, click Item Shop.
    • In the store, you can choose and purchase any product that is currently for sale.
    • Choose the payment method you prefer for each item. You can use direct payments (such as credit cards) or your Steam Wallet.

    The in-game store is pretty versatile and offers a decent selection of items. Some items can only be found in the shop.

    • Another great way, and probably the most popular, is to use the Steam Workshop to view and purchase new cosmetic items. The Steam Workshop is set up to show you the hottest and best items at the moment. New items appear regularly as all submissions come from Rust users. The Steam Workshop has the most items available, and there’s a good chance you’ll find something you like.
    • In addition to the Workshop, Steam also has a special marketplace that allows players to quickly acquire cosmetic items.
    • If you’re low on money right now, there’s always the option to find skins for free. The easiest way is to just play the game and wait for random items to get into your account. Random drops depend on the active game time. You can’t just log into a server and leave immediately. On average, you should receive a completely random cosmetic item every 100 in-game hours. If you feel like this is too much, consider yourself getting something for free. The game time for each skin drop will be different, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the item exactly as you hit the 100 hour mark.

    Skins are something that is of interest to all players, but it happens that one of them is duplicated during the game or simply is not of interest to the player. In this case, the issue of further actions with the skin becomes relevant. If you don’t need a skin (because they eat a lot of RAM, the developers offer you to dispose of it, but in return get a certain amount of loot (wood, metal or fabric). To do this, you will need to select a skin and dispose of it in one of the bags, located at the bottom of the game menu.

    You can also earn on skins from RUST and real money. To do this, you will need to sell your skins on the Steam marketplace or in someone’s hands. If you are going to sell skins from hand to hand, be careful not to be deceived. To do this, create an exchange on Steam with the person you want to sell the skin to and wait for him to pay you. It is best to carry out this transaction with the participation of 3d person – an intermediary, of which there are quite a lot. If you don’t trust anyone, list the item on the Steam marketplace and over time, someone will buy it, of course, if you set a reasonable price for it.

    We hope that our article was useful for you and you will find among the proposed list of best rust case opening sites the one that will be the most attractive in terms of its conditions and will help you advance in the game, opening interesting cases for the user.