All the New Characters in Mortal Kombat 11


A tall and strong black man became the first new hero introduced in the MK11. He was created by Kronika, the main antagonist, so Geras, like her, is able to manipulate time. Although NetherRealm was clearly inspired by the ancient Greek god of aging called Geras, they have little to do in common with each other.

There are plenty of ways to play as Geras: he uses massive sandy hammers capable of crushing his enemies, and sharp spikes on which Geras throws his enemies, and even a simple hit with his stone glove can be fatal. But time tricks are quite rare in his arsenal. In battle, he can stop time, and as for his fatal blow, he abuses time to deal a lot of damage to his opponents.


The first ever female boss in Mortal Kombat. Kronika is a non-player character, but she influences the fate of each of the characters. And it’s not surprising: she is the goddess of time herself. In the last game, the forces of good prevailed, thus breaking the balance of power, and Kronika wants to bring darkness and light back into balance. It was for this reason that she descended from heaven to earth in order to rewrite the course of history once more. True, this time she has to do it without Raiden: he is fighting against her.

In battle, the main antagonist uses lots of funny tactics. For example, she can summon a dinosaur to attack her enemies. Although there are, of course, techniques that are more serious in nature: Kronika manipulates time, throws all sorts of energy and elemental blasts at her enemies, teleports back and forth, and when she gets very tired, a fighter from some alternative timeline will fight for her.


A representative of the new race for the MK universe has three pairs of hands, one of which is used to hold onto his backpack. In the game’s mythology, the Naknadas are described as evil and mercantile race in the service of Shao Kahn – it is not surprising that he chose them to collect taxes from the conquered lands. However, Kollector is greedy not only for gold but also for body parts of defeated enemies. Like a real horror-villain, he collects the organs of his victims in his backpack and uses various kinds of artifacts to win his fights.

The key object in his arsenal is the magic lantern. With it, the Collector can immobilize an enemy, block ranged attacks, and even teleport. His Morningstar is also quite an effective weapon: the villain throws it from hand to hand, and it becomes quite hard to predict his next move. With a lot of tricky and simply dishonest combat techniques (and an extra pair of hands), the Kollector constantly reduces the distance. Although, when it comes to long-range fights, he has a few tricks up his sleeves: green bombs, chakrams, and his ability to teleport.


Cetrion is the daughter of Kronika and the sister of Shinnok. Not surprisingly, with such a pedigree, she also turned out to be the goddess of nature and life. Cetrion controls the elements of fire, air, earth, and water, and is able to combine them, creating new elements, and even life itself. She isn’t exactly strong, thus she fully relies on magic in battle, and prefers to keep her opponents away from herself. And she easily succeeds in this, because she has all the forces of nature in her arsenal.