I am a huge Final Fantasy fan, having played all of the numbered games and a fair chunk of the named ones too. I know what I like about the series and I know what makes the games enjoyable to me. I am currently a few hours into FFXIII and already have come across a few things that Squeenix decided to do differently that I really wish they hadn’t. I realise that a lot of below may change the more I play FFXIII and I desperately hope it does. For now, my first impressions still stand.

As a side-note, I want to say that so far the game is very pleasing to the eye and the storyline seems quite solid. I am having a lot of fun and no doubt millions of gamers will do so too. It is just a shame that there are some points in this game that personally annoy me and I can only hope that as I progress more into the wonderful world of FFXIII that my opinion changes, the flaw corrects itself or I just get the hell over it.

1. Non-turn based combat system. - One of the main reasons the Final Fantasy series stood above other JRPGs  was because of the turn based battle system. While I realise that FFXII was the first game to drop the turn-based system, I was desperately hoping that Squeenix wouldtry to intergrate some sort of turn-based element back into the game. Nope, not gonna happen!

While the fight sequences aren’t what you initially expect, as soon as you get the hang of speed, speed, control and speed, you will soon forget that this isn’t a turn based game and enjoy it for what it is.

2. You only control one person during combat - Remember the days of being able to plan out your battles and really utilise your team’s individual skills by selecting them yourself? Yeah, those days are gone.

Instead of choosing each individual’s attack you get to decide on what “paradigms” should be in play. This basically tells your team members whether to do something offensively or defensively, but that’s as much control as you get. Thankfully the AI in the this game is quite intelligent,  so this slightly makes up for the lack of control, but only just.

3. “How the hell do I level up!?’ - This was one of the first questions I asked myself when battling my way through the game’s prologue. As I progressed further into the game I was introduced to a rather bizzare leveling system called “Crystarium” which can be quite confusing at first glance, but is easy to master. Instead of gaining XP at the end of a battle you gain CP (Crystagen Points) which can be used within the Crystarium screen through the main menu. So why am I listing it here as a flaw? You will constantly find youself having to pause your gameplay to sit and fool around with the Crystarium.

4. Towns/Interacting with NPCs. Where are my towns? Where are my side quests? I am extremely shocked at how linear the gameplay is in FFXIII, especially when you look back at how diverse the world was in FFX and especially in FFX-2. While this may not take away from the overall experience of the game to some out there, you will find many gamers frustrated at the idea of not being able to freely explore the world of FFXIII, myself included.

5. The victory music at the end of each battle is gone - Alright, so this “failing” is a little silly, but I cannot accept that Squeenix would include a Cid in the game, but leave out one of the most famous signatures of a Final Fantasy game. I don’t know about you guys, but I loved me some “duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duuuuuh” when I kicked butt. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll make an appearance at some point during the game.


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15 Responses to “Five Failings of Final Fantasy XIII”

  1. Celsarol says:

    Can I just say, FF13 still runs on turn based combat. Its just that they tweaked the ATB bar a little. Instead of executing one move after it fills up, it uses slots. But all in all its not that much different than all the other ones that uses an ATB gauge.

  2. @ Celsarol:

    It’s still not turn based though. The battles are done in real time, so if I sit there twiddling my thumbs, I get my arse kicked. There are no “turns” to be taken, hence not being a turn-based game.

  3. Winsauce says:

    I’m 20 hours in and you’re premature on writing this article… and I guarantee you will regret doing so.

    If you want to read real impressions people go to gamesradar.com.. ignore this hack.

  4. @ Winsauce:

    I did say to myself I hope I’m wrong in everything I’ve written here. I’ve got no problems with being proven wrong.

  5. youspeakalotofcrap says:

    This is a lot of crap ¬__¬ I got the JP version and you don’t understand that FF is always evolving trying out different things >.<
    The music sure it ain't there BUT it would not fit with the quick fast pace kinda movement within the game if your moving quickly through.
    About the level up thing as well again trying new things ¬_¬
    The only thing your right about is cities BUT you just should never wrote this a lot of crap here don't listen to this person!

  6. @youspeakalotofcrap:

    I understand that Squeenix want to try out new things, that’s fine and dandy, but of course this means that many fans out there are going to be a little upset at them fixing something that isn’t broken.

  7. fanboys go home says:

    oh my god, people. she said it was her FIRST IMPRESSIONS and that she HOPES THE CONTINUED GAMEPLAY PROVES HER WRONG. your inability to read doesn’t make her a hack, it makes you illiterate.

  8. Makenshin says:

    Holy crap what it wrong some people as to why they cannot accept someone else’s opinion. I actually agree with everything she said and then some. Final Fantasy X13 was designed just to be pretty and tell a story. Hell, they should have just taken out the combat and running down a narrow path for 50 hours as well if they just wanted to tell a story.

  9. I just have to say that it kind of irks me that you mentioned open world gameplay, but mentioned FFX-2, and no FF12; which may as well have been the single player equivalent to an MMO.

    Also in the case of FFXII, they took away the turn based combat as well. Anyone who’s been playing the recent years of the FF series would be accustomed to real time combat by now; which kind of makes the “flaw” in that aspect a tad silly.

    Other than that, I really have nothing to say about the rest of the article of I’ve yet to pic the game up for myself, thus no real opinion. But the two things mentioned above should have/have already been mentioned/done. Just sayin’.

  10. And apparently I’m failing at spelling tonight now that I re-read my comment. Oh well.

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  12. Glinda Wigen says:

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